July 31st inshore report

Great fishing today. Had a bunch of blues and Spanish. Spent the afternoon clamming in the sound.

July 29th Report

beautiful day offshore. We had good luck and caught 3 wahoos and 3 gaffer dolphin.

July 27th Report

We finally made it back offshore. Ended up catching 2 nice gaffers, 4 bailers and 1 wahoo.

July 24th Report

First day out in a week. Gotta love Hatteras weather. slow fishing but we scraped out enough for a dinner.

July 16th Report

Great mahi fishing! caught 5 nice gaffers and found a float loaded with bailers. Also caught 1 nice wahoo. Cant wait to get back out in the morning.

July 15th Report

Caught 1 wahoo and a gaffer dolphin. Missed a sail and 2 more wahoo bites. Went jigging and had plenty of action with alma jacks. Back out tomorrow

July 14th Wahoos!!

Been waiting for awhile to get some wahoo action. Had 8 wahoo bites and got 3. Also caught 4 gaffer dolphins

Sailfish release pic

Pretty good photo taken today, so I had to share it

July 11th Report Mahi action!!

Plenty of bailer dolphin. Even a few small gaffers and 1-3 on sailfish as well.

July 10 Wahoos!!!

It seems the wahoos are starting to show. Caught 2, missed another. Seems like they are trickling in. Back offshore in the am.

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