September 27 Report

We did a nearshore half day intending to catch a few king mackerels. New got 4 mackerels and then hooked this lost wahoo! 4 miles from the inlet. We got lucky and caught him pretty quick on light [...]

July 5th Report

We had the Cleary family with us today. Steve wanted a blue marlin. We bailed 30 mahi by 8:00 and spent the rest of the day trolling only to miss one good marlin bite and see another free jumping [...]

JULY 3rd Report

We had the Buckley family out today for a half day. Absolutely great Spanish mackerel fishing. after 2 hours of fishing we had to drive away from the fish. Went looking for a cobia and saw one [...]

June 25th Report

Had good fishing today. Caught 23 Mahi. did some jigging for a nice scamp grouper and then went bottom fishing and caught 35 triggers and bass. Also released another 30-40 bass and triggers.

June 19 Report

Had Bart , Noah, and Simon aboard today. We had good mahi fishing and then caught a handful of blackfins. Looks like were getting a couple days off.Hopefully back out Saturday.

June 8th Report

Anthony and the guys were back again for a decent catch of mahi and blackfins. Tried marlin fishing for awhile, but only saw one blue marlin and we missed the bite.

June 2nd Report

Jim and suzanne Dwyer fished today and had a great day. We got on a real good mahi bite and caught 24 in 2 hours. Pulled a sailfish off on the blue marlin lures and caught a few amberjacks and [...]

April 18, 2019

Excellent fishing with Luke and his 2 sons. We caught Wahoo, Yellowfin and Blackfin tunas! We have lots of prime dates available, give us a call to book yours! 252-996-0002

August 7th, 2018

Today on our half day we had our good friend Steve, his friends and family. We ran offshore first thing this morning and found a good little spot of bottom fish catching sea robins, triggers and [...]

August 6th 2018

Good fishing, great people and even better weather! Our Crew from Virginia had an absolutely beautiful day aboard the Reliance, with slick calm seas and good conditions we did what we could with [...]

July 13th, 2018

Today fishing with Jack and the crew fishing did not disappoint!! We quickly caught a tuna this morning and looked for dolphins, we found a condition that should of been holding thousands.. But [...]

July 12th,2018

Today we started our morning with double header sailfish!! Shortly after we were one of the few who were able to bail dolphin. After getting them we set back off in shore and we’re not lucky [...]

June 28th, 2018

Today we picked away at dolphins for the better part of it and on the way home we pulled off a wahoo, caught a nice king and a Jack! Thanks to the Burns crew for a fun filled day on the water!

June 15th, 2018

Long time customers today for a beautiful day on the ocean! We caught Triggerfish, Rainbow runners, Squirrel fish, mahi, blackfin tuna and glassy eye snapped for the most weight in the marina! [...]

June 11th, 2018

We had excellent dolphin fishing in the rough seas today!! The exciting part of our day was hitting a squall while coming through the inlet. Winds were sustained at 38 gusting to 43 with lighting [...]

June 9th, 2018

Today we had Anthony and crew on board and we had a great day on a CALM ocean! We started out dolphin fishing on a change and and caught a few, we then trolled our way South and live baited for [...]

June 8th, 2018

Today we had excellent dolphin fishing. We only targeted them until about 9:30 than began looking for something bigger! Unfortunately we never found it. Back at it tomorrow!

June 6th, 2018

Fishing continues to be spotty but we are scrapping out some decent days bottom fishing, love baiting and trolling. Doing whatever we can to put fish on the dock!

June 3rd, 2018

Good bottom fishing in the rough seas today! We caught our limit of snappers a bunch of trigger fish and got lucky catching a few gaffers some tunas and pulled off a Blue marlin!!

May 30,2018

Fished this morning to catch a few gaffers and bailers than went tuna fishing and struck out. Our crew opted to go deep and look for something a little bigger and around 1 we found him! a very [...]

May 5, 2018

Spring has sprung around here! The mahi decided to show this week and we have had two awesome days of fishing! we have too many days left to book for this month and the fishing will only get [...]

April 23, 2018

South easter and rough! We fished with our crew from New York today and cut it short at around 9:30 to head home due to rough seas. we were fortunate enough to catch a few black fins a nice wahoo [...]

April 22, 2018

We scrapped out what we could with the conditions we had. much choppier than expected and the fish didn’t cooperate as well. we also had two fish above the 80 pound mark at the back of the boat [...]

April 18, 2018

Man it sure did feel good to be back out on the water! after a long winter and crappy weather we made a split for it yesterday. the fishing started slow for us only having a few tunas at around 1 [...]

August 7, 2017

Wahoo fishing was excellent today! We held onto most of our bites and had the most in the fleet! Thanks to pat and the crew! We’re open Saturday and almost all next week, let’s go [...]

June 22, 2017

The fishing slowed down a little bit from what it has been but we scrapped out a catch of some blackfin tunas and quite a few dolphin, we hooked a very mean 300 pound blue marlin but pulled the [...]

June 15, 2017

Today we had excellent dolphin fishing! We limited out by 7:30 and went looking for something big! About mid morning we had 2 run ins with blue marlins, both solid fish and couldn’t keep [...]

June 13, 2017

It’s like a broken record all this pretty weather and limits of dolphin! We caught our limit early and looked for a billfish, with not much to do we came inshore and stuck it in shallow [...]

June 12, 2017

The least we could say about today was fishing was absolutely incredible! We quickly caught our limit of dolphin again and they were much better in size! By around 10 we went looking and at 11 we [...]

June 10, 2017

We had AWESOME fishing to say the least! We set out on top of the dolphin today and bailed a good catch. Less then 5 minutes of leaving them we hooked a 200 pound blue marlin on a 20 pound class [...]

June 9, 2017

Today we had excellent fishing! The dolphins finally made a showing for the first time in a while! We set out on top of them and caught just shy of a limit so we could have some fun with them [...]

June 3, 2017

The trolling bite was slow so we resorted to the bottom, the amber jacks seemed to be plentiful! Hopefully they’ll stick around for the summer! Thanks Pat and crew for today and can’t [...]

May 27, 2017

Today we fished with Dave and his crew, we were searching for a marlin! We found a change mid morning in the see and quickly caught 14 gaffers, and began looking again. We didn’t find what [...]

May 21, 2017

Fishing today did NOT disappoint! We were in search for more quality, then quantity, we caught a few gaffers and then hooked a nice blue marlin in shallow, we ended up catching her and started [...]

May 20, 2017

The least you could say about fishing today was incredible! The gaffer fishing was spotty, but around 1 o’clock we headed deep looking for something to tug on, and boy did we find it! We [...]

May 19, 2017

Today we had decent fishing, catching quite a few gaffer dolphins and a nice 500 pound blue marlin! Thanks Mitchell and crew for an awesome day! We have plenty of days open and are looking to [...]

April 29, 2017

Today we decided to head away from the fleet in hopes to find something and to not battle the 20 other boats. We headed south and were the only boat there all day! We worked the break for quite a [...]

May 31, 2016

With a slow start, and many boats coming home early because of a slow day of fishing, we had an awesome day in the Ocean. With a nice wahoo and 19 big gaffer dolphin, including one 42 pound [...]

May 29, 2016

Choppy half day of Spanish Mackerel fishing a long the beach, fished for a few hours in rough sea conditions, caught a handful and headed home. Thanks Scott, for a good few hours, and hope to see [...]

May 25, 2016

Awesome day of fishing on the Reliance, we had one angler on the boat, who wanted a little bit of meat and to fulfill his life dream of catching a blue marlin! We set out on the break this [...]

May 22, 2016

Incredible day of fishing, tied up at the dock by 315 with a full box, and 630 pounds! Looking for 3 to fill in a make-up trip on Memorial day Monday. $260 a person!

May 16, 2016

Spring time weather as it should be! Slick calm conditions, with good fishing, with a wahoo to start the day, and finding a float to catch 11 of our first dolphin. We continued to troll and [...]

May 14, 2016

Incredible day of fishing, started out quick finding a free floating buoy. With a gaffer to start out the day, we continued to troll south. After a consistent dolphin bite, we began to scrap out [...]

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