May 20, 2017

 In Fishing Reliance

The least you could say about fishing today was incredible! The gaffer fishing was spotty, but around 1 o’clock we headed deep looking for something to tug on, and boy did we find it! We quickly hooked a 400 pounder, and caught released it after 45 minutes. We stayed on course trolling north and hooked a smaller fish only to pull it off. Quickly after we hooked a larger class fish (550-600) that didn’t go far and came to the leader quick! She was extremely mean and jumped at the boat a few times for us. We cut her lose after about a 10 minute fight, only to raise another fish, but this time she was in an extremely high weight class, pushing 800+ pounds. The fish took a little line, spit it, then followed the boat for 10 minutes never eating anything again, thanks to our crew for an awesome day!!

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